The Controller’s Office is responsible for managing accounts to ensure the accuracy of all financial data and reporting by the University.


These Fiscal Regulations and Procedures have been prepared for MSU employees and for other members of The Midwestern State University community. They are designed for their use and benefit in performing their duties and protecting resources. These regulations and procedures provide specific information and guidelines for compliance with policies as set forth by the Board of Regents, The State Comptroller, and The State Legislature.

These regulations and procedures are maintained and updated by the office of the Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance, and changes will be made immediately upon receipt to ensure that the policies may be constantly kept up-to-date.

The department listed at the bottom of each section is responsible for keeping the particular policy or procedure up-to-date. Individuals may contact the department listed if they believe a regulation or procedure to be in error or in need of modification.

For information specifically related to student policies and procedures, consult the MSU Catalog.

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