The MSU Texas Police Department manages the parking function at the Wichita Falls main campus. Section 51.202  of the Texas Education Code authorizes the governing boards of state institutions to promulgate rules and regulations providing for the operation and parking of vehicles on institutional property.  MSU Texas’ parking rules are codified in University Ordinance 62.01 / Police Department Administration and Regulatory Ordinances.

MSU Texas Parking Rules

Please note the following:

  • With the exception of visitors, all vehicles that park on campus must be registered with the MSU Texas PD.
  • “Visitor” and “Temporary” parking permits are available at the MSU Police Department, 6 Eureka Circle, Wichita Falls, Texas.
  • Each enrolled student, by virtue of enrollment, is entitled to an annual parking permit. 
  • Parking rules are in force, year around.
  • Parking is color-coded.
  • Students, faculty, staff and vendors may register vehicles, pay fines, or file appeals, through the link below. 

Register a Vehicle, Pay Fine or Appeal a Citation

Inside police station waiting room



Parking Map:

image of parking on campus

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