Steven Callarman

Chief Steven Callarman

Chief Steven Callarman began his law enforcement career with the Mesquite, Texas, Police Department in January of 1990. He worked a variety of positions including patrol, criminal investigations, school resource officer, bike patrol, and public information officer. He promoted through the ranks to Captain and was commander over many departments for the Mesquite PD, including Patrol, School Resource Officers, Criminal Investigations and Training. He retired in 2014.

Callarman joined the MSU Texas Police Department in 2017 as a patrol officer and was eventually appointed as the Clery Compliance Officer and Accreditation Manager. MSU Texas's Police Department is one of only 15 institutions of higher learning to be accredited by the Texas Police Chiefs Association Foundation Accreditation Program.

Chief Callarman holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Christian University.  He has earned Master Peace Officer and Police Instructor certificates through TCOLE, and is a graduate of the Leadership Command College of the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Institute of Texas at Sam Houston State University.

Joseph Snyder

 Joseph Snyder

The son of an Air Force serviceman, Joseph Snyder grew up in various locations around the nation, but settled in Wichita Falls – the location of his father’s final duty station before retirement. 

A graduate of Notre Dame High School, Snyder worked in the news media industry until joining the Wichita Falls Police Department in 1987. During his tenure with WFPD, Snyder attained the rank of Sergeant and served in a variety of unique capacities, to include K-9 handler, Field Training Officer and Supervisor, Public Information Officer and Wichita Crime Stoppers Coordinator.

Snyder’s formal achievements while with WFPD include 2009 Supervisor of the year (International Crime Free Association), the Police Commendation Medal, the Certificate of Civic Achievement (x2) and the Certificate of Merit (x3). Sgt. Snyder retired from WFPD at the rank of Sergeant in 2012. 

Snyder has been serving the MSU Community since early 2016 and was promoted to the rank of Police Sergeant in 2018. Sgt. Snyder holds a TCOLE Master Peace Officer certificate.

Snyder in 2023 transitioned from sergeant to Clery Compliance and Emergency Management Coordinator for the university. 

Sgt. David Wilk 2024

 Sgt. David Wilk

Sgt. David Wilk graduated high school in Amarillo, Texas and, in 1986, entered the field of law enforcement, with the Potter County Sheriff’s Office. Wilk’s police career spans over three decades and, during that time, he has worked in both municipal and county law enforcement. Throughout his tenure, Wilk has held a variety of special assignments, including K-9 handler and trainer, SWAT operator and team leader, field training officer, patrol supervisor and jail administrator. 

Awards Wilk has received include the Life Saving Award, the Community Service Award, the Certificate of Merit and the Police Commendation Medal. In 2019, Sgt. Wilk retired from county service at the rank of Lieutenant and joined the MSU Texas PD team shortly thereafter.

Sgt. Wilk holds TCOLE Master Peace Officer, Master Jailer, Police Instructor and Police Firearms Instructor certificates and is a Graduate of the National Jail Leadership Command Academy (Class 18), of the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Institute of Texas, at Sam Houston State University.

Sgt. Wilk was promoted to sergeant in 2023. 

Amy Van Veen standing in front of an american flag
Officer Amy Van Veen

Officer Amy Van Veen, a graduate of Midland High School, began her law enforcement career in 1990, as an officer with the Odessa, Texas, Police Department. Van Veen served with OPD for nearly twenty years, before retiring in 2009, at the rank of sergeant.

In 2012, Officer Van Veen returned to police work, serving with the University of Texas System Police, at both the El Paso and Permian Basin UT campuses. Van Veen’s most recent assignment was at the UTPB campus in Odessa, where she served as a police sergeant. Special assignments Officer Van Veen has held during her extensive career include Field Training Officer and Field Training Program Supervisor.

Officer Van Veen holds an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Odessa College and a Master Peace Officer certificate through TCOLE. She has been serving the MSU Texas Community since September of 2020.

John Butler 2024

Officer John Butler

An honorably-discharged veteran of the U.S. Navy, Officer Butler began his career in law enforcement in 1997, as a jailer with the Ellis County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office.

After obtaining his peace officer license, Butler worked for several law enforcement agencies in Texas, including the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department and the Breckenridge, Texas, Police Department.

Officer Butler has been serving the MSU Texas community since 2021 and holds several TCOLE certifications, including Mental Health Officer, Police Instructor, and Master Peace Officer.

Officer Wendell Smith

A native of Wichita Falls, Officer Smith graduated from high school in Vernon, Texas, and continued his educational pursuit, earning an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 1996.

Ofc. Smith began his law enforcement career in 1998 as a police officer with the Vernon, Texas, Police Department, an agency from which he retired in 2021. While with the Vernon Police Department, Officer Smith promoted through the ranks to the position of Patrol Lieutenant, the assignment he held at the time of his retirement.

Officer Smith has been serving the MSU Texas community since 2021 and has earned TCOLE’s Master Peace Officer certification.

Matthew Woodley

Officer Matthew Woodley


 Officer Woodley began his career in the U.S Army as an Infantryman in 2008 where he served a combat tour in Afghanistan in 2009. In 2012 after moving to Wichita Falls, Officer Woodley began his law enforcement career with the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office as a Jailer. In 2014 Officer Woodley joined the United Regional Healthcare System as a Security Officer where he earned a life Saving Award by performing CPR on a incoming patient who survived. In 2018 Officer Woodley was accepted to the Wichita Falls Police Department where he earned his Peace Officer license. During his time there he would earn many certifications and another Live Saving Award for talking someone down off an overpass during a mental health crisis. 

Officer Woodley holds a Bachelor’s degree from Ashford University in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Officer Woodley’s many certifications to include Cultural Diversity, ALERRT Training for Active shooter response, Tactical First Aid, and Crisis Intervention Training. Officer Woodley  holds a TCOLE Jailer License, a Intermediate Peace Officer certificate, and a Combat Infantryman’s Badge from his time in the military.

Officer Woodley in his free time volunteers In Youth Ministry at his local church, enjoys fishing the Gulf coast back home in Alabama.  Officer Woodley has been serving MSU since 2023.


Detective Jason Jones

Detective Jason Jones, a graduate of Burkburnett High School, began his law enforcement, in 1993, as a reserve officer with Burkburnett Police Department.

Jones served Wichita County residents cities in Electra, Iowa Park, and Wichita Falls. Throughout his career at Wichita Falls Police Department, he held a variety of special assignments, misdemeanor detective, crimes against children detective and a financial crimes detective.

 Jones ultimately went to the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) in Hoover, Alabama in 2015 to obtain Basic Computer Examiners Training (BCERT), Mobile Forensics Examiner Training (MDE), Social Media Training, Basic Network Intrusion Training (BNIT) and Vehicle forensics Training (BERLA).  

Detective Jones holds a Master Peace Officer License, Police Instructor license, and has taught in the Wichita Falls Police Department academy for many years.

Detective Jones retired from the Wichita Falls Police Department in 2023 and accepted a position with the MSU Texas Police Department where he continues his service to his community.





Supplemental Officer Michael Bland

After having lived in several countries throughout the world, Supplemental Officer Michael Bland and his family settled in the Wichita Falls area, where Bland graduated from Hirschi High School.  Officer Bland began his career in law enforcement with the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office in 1987 and has worked for several police agencies, retiring from Texas Tech University PD in 2009 as the Assistant Chief.

Officer Bland is an instructor in several specialty areas, including Expandable Baton, Weapons of Mass Destruction, DNA Forensics, RADAR, and the Sexual Assault/Family Violence Course. Officer Bland holds numerous specialties including hostage negotiations, crime scene investigation, cybercrimes investigation, subconscious communications for Interview and interrogation and numerous proficiency certifications from FEMA in Incident Command Systems and Emergency Management.

A former U.S. Army Officer, Officer Bland honorably retired at the rank of Major, and holds numerous additional skill identifiers. During his military tenure, Officer Blend’s areas of specialty included Air Borne & Air Assault, Special Operations and Plans and Operations. Bland is a graduate of the LEMIT Leadership Command College, holds a graduate degree and a TCOLE Master Peace Officer certificate.  Ofc. Bland has served the MSU Community as a supplemental police officer since 2011.


 Supplemental Officer William "Brad" Love

Officer Love has been in law enforcement for over thirty years, having begun his career in the Texas Panhandle in 1988. In 1995, Love accepted a position with the Wichita Falls Police Department where he worked in a variety of capacities, including patrol officer, field training officer, misdemeanor detective and ultimately rising to the level of a crimes against persons detective, where his talents were focused on investigating complex felony cases, including robberies, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, and homicides.

While with WFPD, Love served on the Department’s search and rescue dive team, was a member of the department Honor Guard, and received specialized training in the areas of blood spatter analysis, interview and interrogation, and crime scene search. Love retired from the Wichita Falls Police Department in 2018 and accepted a position with the MSU Texas Police Department, where he continues his service to his community.

 Officer Love is a retired U.S. Army National Guard Sergeant and TCOLE Master Peace Officer, Police Instructor and Crime Prevention Inspector.  Love holds a Bachelor Degree from MSU Texas and is currently pursuing his Masters. In his off-duty time, Love is an accomplished amateur photographer and we are appreciative of his photography work, which adorns our website.