What do students in Industrial Technology do?

Industrial technology supports engineers as they solve problems affecting manufacturing layout or production. They prepare machinery and equipment plans, design workflows, conduct statistical production studies, and analyze production costs. They are responsible for leading teams of people to develop innovative and creative improvements and maintenance of complex technological systems.

Graduates can work as industrial engineering technologists, supply chain managers, environmental technicians, quality control inspectors, or health and safety engineers. Employment is available in many industries, including manufacturing, oil/gas, education, and government.

What does the Industrial Technology program at MSU offer?

The educational objectives of the Industrial Technology major are to:

  • Provide students content knowledge for engineering and manufacturing principles, including graphics, computing, safety, manufacturing processes, innovation, construction, and energy;
  • Engage students in creativity and problem solving, such as in planning and controlling production processes and in logistics;
  • Develop outstanding oral and written communication to be applied in collaborating with internal and external partners in manufacturing and facilities design;
  • Apply content knowledge toward manufacturing industry management, including task sequencing, quality control, and supply chain