List of majors and minors available at MSU Texas.

Major (*minor available)



Accounting* BBA Dillard College
Applied Arts and Sciences (Adult Completion) BAAS West College
Art* BFA, BA, Teacher Certification Fain College
Athletic Training BSAT Gunn College
Biology* BS McCoy College
Chemistry* BS, ACS Certification McCoy College
Child and Adolescent Studies West College
Computer Science* BA, BS, MS McCoy College
Criminal Justice* BSCJ, MACJ Gunn College
Dental Hygiene BSDH Gunn College
Early Childhood Studies & Early Care BSE West College
Economics* BBA Dillard College
    Early Childhood through Grade 3
    Early Childhood through Grade 6
    Special Education: All Level
        with EC-Grade 6 Certification
    4-8 Grade Certification
        English Language Arts/Reading
        Social Studies
    Secondary Teaching Certifications
        Biology-Life Sciences
        Biology-Composite Science
        English Language Arts/Reading
        Social Studies
     All-Level Teacher Certifications
        Music: Instrumental Emphasis
           or Vocal Emphasis
        Physical Education

West College
English* BA, MA, Teacher Certification Prothro-Yeager / West College
Exercise Physiology BSEP, MSEP Gunn College
Finance BBA Dillard College
General Business BBA Dillard College
Geosciences* BS, MS McCoy College
Global Studies* BA Prothro-Yeager College
History* BA, MA Prothro-Yeager College
Humanities* BA Prothro-Yeager College
Industrial Technology BS McCoy College
Instructional Design & Technology BSE West College
Management BBA Dillard College
Management Information Systems* BBA Dillard College
Marketing BBA Dillard College
Mass Communication* BA Fain College
Mathematics* BA, BS, Teacher Certification McCoy College
Mechanical Engineering BSME McCoy College
Music* BA, BM, Teacher Certification Fain College
Musical Theatre* BFA Fain College
Nursing BSN, MSN Gunn College
Political Science* BA Prothro-Yeager College
Psychology* BA, BS, MA Prothro-Yeager College
Radiologic Sciences BSRS, MSRS Gunn College
Radiologic Technology BSRT Gunn College
Respiratory Care BSRC Gunn College
Social Work BSW Gunn College
Sociology* BA, BS Prothro-Yeager College
Spanish BA Prothro-Yeager College
Sports and Leisure Studies* BA, BS West College
Substance Abuse Counseling BSE West College
Theatre* BFA, Teacher Certification Fain College
Pre-Professional Programs
Pre-Dentistry   McCoy College
Pre-Engineering   McCoy College
Pre-Law   Dillard College
Pre-Medicine   McCoy College
Pre-Pharmacy   McCoy College
Pre-Physical Therapy   McCoy College
Pre-Veterinary   McCoy College
Minors/Additional Areas of Study (non-degree programs)
Art History Fain College
Broadcast Journalism   Fain College
Business Administration Dillard College
Coaching West College
Computational Science McCoy College
Cybersecurity McCoy College
Cycling Performance   Gunn College
Digital Media   Fain College
Early Childhood Development
& Intervention (EIS)
West College
Early Childhood Studies West College
Educational Design
& Learning Management
West College
Entrepreneurship   Dillard College
French   Prothro-Yeager College
Great Books   Prothro-Yeager College
High Performance Computing McCoy College
Instructional Design, Technology
& Assessment
West College
Instrumental Performance Fain College
Journalism   Fain College
Keyboard Performance Fain College
Marketing Communication Fain College
Medical Sociology   Prothro-Yeager College
Nonprofit Management Dillard College
Organizational Psychology Prothro-Yeager College
Petroleum Engineering McCoy College
Philosophy   Prothro-Yeager College
Physics McCoy College
Public Relations & Advertising   Fain College
Spanish for the Professions Prothro-Yeager College
Speech   Fain College
Teaching and Learning West College
Visual Communication Fain College
Vocal Performance Fain College
Women's and Gender Studies   Prothro-Yeager College