Please know that grants, loans and/or scholarships cannot be applied to a student’s account any more than 10 days prior to the beginning of the enrollment period.

You may check the status of your refund and/or view you billing statement online to determine if your award(s) have posted to your MSU account; simply click on "Account Summary' after you have logged onto the MSU Portal and clicking on Touchnet.  By reviewing your Account Summary, you will be able to determine:

  • If your grants, loans or scholarships have posted to your student account, AND/OR
  • If your refund check has been issued and if so, its effective date.
  • Students are encouraged to enroll in E-Refunds.  By setting up an e-refund profile, your refund will be directly deposited to your account. You will receive an email confirmation once your E-refund is processed.  

Setting up an E-Refund profile is easy! 

To set up an e-refund profile follow these instructions:

Log in to your portal at
Click on the link to Touchnet
Select "Refunds"
Enroll in the two-step verification
Click 'Set Up Account' and enter banking information
Agree to the terms and conditions


  • If you do  not sign up for E-Refunds, the MSU Business Office will mail a refund check to your current mailing address.  To ensure that refund checks are processed and mailed in the most efficient and timely manner possible, please allow 3-5 business days before contacting the Business Office regarding the status of a refund. 

      **Please make sure that all addresses are kept up-to-date to prevent any delay in receiving your refund check.**


If you have been approved to receive grants, scholarships and/or loans, these funds will be electronically applied to your tuition and fee expenses (and on-campus room and board, if applicable). If there are any “excess funds” after grants and/or loans have paid the university account, a refund will be issued. 


Students may be required to return all or a portion of a refund if withdrawing from the university, dropping a class(es), or if administratively withdrawn, or if voluntarily ceasing attendance at ALL of classes during any of the following periods: 

  • On/before the official enrollment date (12th day for fall / spring semesters or 4th day for summer term(s));
  • During the withdrawal refund period (consult your Schedule of Classes);
  • Prior to completing more than 60% of the enrollment period.


Also, adjustments may be made to grants and/or loans for students who are “Instructor Dropped” from class(es).  Additionally, grants and/or loans will be totally cancelled for students who invalidate registration or never attend ANY of their classes.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at (940) 397-4214 or e-mail for additional details.


Spring 2024

Grants, loans, and/or scholarships will be applied to student accounts for Spring 2024 beginning Monday, January 8, 2024. Refunds will be processed by the MSU Business Office beginning Wednesday, January 10, 2024.